Scenarios v6 and v7

Title Author Last Updated Link
Tales of Science - Fusion the7saint7 2024-05-09 Link
Family Swap Monsterslots 2024-05-06 Link
Shorts the7saint7 2024-04-22 Link
Mamma's Me: Who We Are Again? Nost 2024-03-15 Link
Echoes of Possession kazexu12 2024-02-24 Link
Possession Inheritence kazexu12 2024-02-24 Link
Teasing over Spells the7saint7 2024-01-26 Link
Under the Skin Kisara 2024-01-15 Link
To Go All Wrong TGaw aka pikeofao 2023-12-31 Link
Request Unavailable ChoripanKiller 2023-12-23 Link
Bobman's Anthology TheBobman6059 2023-12-17 Link
John's Epiphany Dogmon 2023-12-05 Link
Just One Simple Wish ChanelOberlin 2023-12-03 Link
Suddenly Mom Calaman 2023-11-26 Link
Devil's Advocate Mingle 2023-11-26 Link
Eman Looc's Possession Scroll Nost 2023-11-15 Link
Perception Bubble KneecapBreaker 2023-11-06 Link
Gadgets versus Ghosts Nost 2023-10-29 Link
Paradoxical Possession MayxMarzo 2023-10-20 Link
Axiomatic Mimo 2023-09-29 Link
The Story of a Loner Called John (Redux) superangel 2023-09-04 Link
Spirit Hymn TripleCeeK 2023-09-04 Link
New Body, Old Life Apocrypha 2023-09-01 Link
Understanding Moon 2023-08-31 Link
Yui's Smoking Adventure Mac001 2023-08-28 Link
Clarity Salimshady 2023-08-14 Link
Katastrophe KatrinaKreations 2023-08-13 Link
Always AshleyLikesPins 2023-08-10 Link
A New Life BuggsB 2023-08-02 Link
Three Wishes Hitsu 2023-08-01 Link
Nectoverse Fellas 2023-06-06 Link
Springbreak VN the7saint7 2023-05-12 Link
Sucks to Succ Narg 2023-05-11 Link
Fire and Ice cataa 2023-05-10 Link
Phantom Thieves vs Student Council adamsteiner 2023-04-28 Link
Reality Warp Calaman 2023-04-25 Link
Lost Soul Kisara 2023-04-21 Link
Swim Team Yumi 2023-04-11 Link
The Izuna Awards Mimo 2023-04-08 Link
Why can't I be Sayaka? Nost 2023-04-04 Link
Live and Learn AnonymousGamer 2023-03-29 Link
Rich Wish MayxMarzo 2023-03-15 Link
Under Control Smurfik 2023-03-04 Link
Magical Harem DX ChocMint 2023-02-19 Link
Valentines' Lies ChoripanKiller 2023-02-19 Link
Holly Shift MLGSalmonBoi 2023-02-11 Link
Worlds Apart From You MayxMarzo 2023-02-05 Link
The Perfect Girl RTGarbage 2023-01-17 Link
The Strongest Slime Khoratari 2023-01-05 Link
Priestess of Chronos 2.0 TaleSpinner 2022-12-25 Link
I Dream of Jane-nie ShadowDice 2022-12-18 Link
COWA MayxMarzo 2022-12-11 Link
Yuuna's Story Cleop 2022-12-08 Link
Novel AI the7saint7 2022-12-07 Link
The TV Remote Sieksa 2022-11-27 Link
I Wish Narg 2022-11-19 Link
Crossing the Line the7saint7 2022-11-08 Link
Yrammus Dar's Ghost Hunt Nost 2022-10-25 Link
Student Transfer/Soul Tether Painted 2022-10-13 Link
In Praise of Being Clavietika 2022-09-18 Link
Butterfingers Throwaway77 2022-09-17 Link
Kwumpus Hunt MechMage 2022-09-17 Link
Spin Cycle MechMage 2022-08-27 Link
Strange Sunday Luckysquid, MayxMarzo 2022-08-13 Link
Detachment Nerdietalk 2022-08-09 Link
Whodunnit MLGSalmonBoi 2022-08-05 Link
Remote Possibilities EvilBlender 2022-08-05 Link
A Sayaka Scorned Soffia 2022-07-10 Link
Sly as a Fox Kisara 2022-06-20 Link
A Deal With The Devil AmelRose 2022-06-01 Link
Total ReCorn Omen 2022-05-20 Link
Dee and Dee the7saint7 2022-05-17 Link
Random Possessions MayxMarzo 2022-05-08 Link
Slowly Swapping RatherNot 2022-05-08 Link
Curiosity Kisara 2022-04-25 Link
Love Thyself Calaman 2022-04-16 Link
Riley Time Salimshady 2022-04-15 Link
Ouroboros LuckySquid 2022-04-12 Link
Something Swapped, Something Yui LuckySquid 2022-04-12 Link
The Story of a Loner Called John superangel 2022-04-10 Link
A Merging Quest Hentainatic (v6 version by ImmoralImmortal) 2022-04-10 Link
Inheritance Bonky 2022-04-01 Link
No Matter What the7saint7 2022-03-26 Link
Night of the Floating Heads Quad2 2022-03-21 Link
A Testament to Love MayxMarzo 2022-03-17 Link
Prey or Predator? Kisara, Inasyn 2022-03-10 Link
Truth or Syn the7saint7 2022-02-27 Link
Magica Doctrina the7saint7 2022-02-27 Link
Magic Imouto ImmoralImmortal 2022-02-11 Link
Always Get the Warranty urciocello (v6 version by Doej) 2022-02-06 Link
Class Swap Sato 2022-02-02 Link
Steamed Hams Pokeman513 2022-01-19 Link
Year of the Fox GarySavage 2022-01-16 Link
SummerGals! Geobreaker 2022-01-11 Link
Steph and Riley's Trans Adventure! MagicalChrissy 2022-01-08 Link
SadieSwap Bungis 2021-12-25 Link
Night of the Wolf Girls Painted, MayxMarzo 2021-10-31 Link
Perspective Shift Shade 2021-10-30 Link
Life Transfer (Part 1) PEWshhhh 2021-10-22 Link
Chasing Setsuna CXT Group 2021-09-19 Link
Yui-nduction Luckysquid, Calaman 2021-09-18 Link
Off and On Bungis 2021-09-06 Link
KatinYuition Calaman 2021-09-06 Link
John and the seven witches InVoKeR 2021-09-05 Link
Riley Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Assistant ChoripanKiller 2021-09-03 Link
Not a real girl AniRolf 2021-08-31 Link
Former Best Friends AniRolf 2021-08-30 Link
Running Down a Dream wearacondom 2021-08-30 Link
Cornswap IK12345 2021-08-17 Link
More Interesting Narg 2021-08-16 Link
Gyaruse Luckysquid 2021-08-15 Link
Librarium Humanitas ImmoralImmortal 2021-08-14 Link
Social Experiment AmelRose 2021-07-28 Link
A place in the world Reman91 2021-07-25 Link
Library Antics ZeBeste 2021-07-14 Link
Potion no. 6 the7saint7 2021-07-12 Link
Thoughtless Narg 2021-07-11 Link
Popular Omen064 2021-07-08 Link
A Fate Untangled Gigglemesh 2021-07-08 Link
Chances the7saint7 2021-07-06 Link
VR Experiment the7saint7 2021-07-06 Link
Katrina the Statue ch_wh 2021-07-05 Link
Bigger Better Stronger! Clavietika 2021-07-05 Link
Backtracking ChoripanKiller 2021-07-04 Link
He's All That TheOkGatsby 2021-07-04 Link
Y Me Blortle 2021-07-04 Link

Asset Packs v6 and v7

Title Author Last Updated Link
Modern Wizards Character Pack Noname Individual 2023-11-20 Link
Succubus Pack BuggsB 2023-09-03 Link
CaptainCaption's background collection CaptainCaption 2023-04-15 Link
New Hairstyles Dannij22 2023-04-01 Link
Shika13/Jainic213 Character Pack shika13 2022-12-26 Link
The Holy Pack the7saint7 2022-12-26 Link
ReDreamer Asset Pack CaptainCaption 2022-12-04 Link
Nick's Wardrobe Nickaholic 2022-11-26 Link
Class Pack Sato 2022-07-03 Link
Calaman Edits Calaman 2022-07-03 Link
Demon Girls Pack MayxMarzo 2022-05-27 Link
Fellas Pack Fellas 2022-05-11 Link
Another Background Pack by Fellas Fellas 2022-01-13 Link
ARAP Pack sinwave93 2021-12-31 Link
Hapymaher Assets Pack Kisara 2021-12-31 Link
MarsPack MayxMarzo 2021-11-03 Link
Fantasy/D&D Sprites Narg 2021-09-19 Link
Simple Wanderer's Pack of Boobs Yarrcanite/ASimpleWanderer 2021-07-10 Link

Scenarios v4 and v5

Title Author Last Updated Link
John's Trashy Adventures Arctrometa 2021-06-03 Link
StS Sajuna/Saakuna 2021-05-18 Link
An incomplete nameless scenario Yarrcanite/ASimpleWanderer 2021-05-17 Link
Mayhem and Mischief dansusket 2021-05-11 Link
A Difficult Life amox5225 2021-05-10 Link
A Bully's Playground Vulgrim 2021-04-27 Link
Fate/Grand Order - John's Participation LavenzaBestWaifu 2021-04-23 Link
Devil in the Details MechMage 2021-04-01 Link
Moving On Narg 2021-03-27 Link
The Shape of Things Blortle 2021-03-09 Link
A new Circe Takeo 2021-02-27 Link
I'll do it myself! P 2021-02-23 Link
Johns Gradual Lifechange Takeo 2021-02-12 Link
Body Thief KawaiiSwitcher 2021-02-09 Link
The Principal Omen064 2021-01-29 Link
Sayaka Possession wolfLegs 2021-01-16 Link
SummerGals! Geobreaker 2021-01-14 Link
A.S.A.P! ChoripanKiller 2020-11-11 Link
Power and Temptation Ipod 2020-11-09 Link
Pumpkin Stories ShadowDice 2020-10-31 Link
Into the Janeverse Clavietika 2020-10-05 Link
Graceful Misfortune ChoripanKiller 2020-10-02 Link
Red Light ThanosSnap 2020-09-30 Link
Latido por segundo (spanish) jeff23op 2020-09-20 Link
Principiis Magicae Adamdead 2020-08-30 Link
Scrambled ThanosSnap 2020-08-27 Link
Empyrée C.R.E.A.M. 2020-08-26 Link
Beyond Death Bombaman 2020-08-26 Link
Gyara Ara Luckysquid 2020-08-25 Link
Cold as Ice hizack 2020-08-24 Link
Private Eyes hizack 2020-08-16 Link
Jane's incredible adventure GarySavage 2020-08-14 Link
Haunted House Noot 2020-08-10 Link
A Helping Hand ChungusWungus 2020-08-04 Link
A Matter of the Heart (and the Head) Narg 2020-07-29 Link
The The VVitch of San Fransokyo DavidJonesson 2020-07-26 Link
Never C.R.E.A.M. 2020-07-23 Link
John, giving up xegin157 2020-07-15 Link
Schadenfreude MayoMan 2020-07-13 Link
C for Chemistry Vulgrim 2020-06-10 Link
Live Action Dungeons & Dragons Vulgrim 2020-06-10 Link
Kiyoshi's Joyride Whymewhy 2020-06-07 Link
The Best Party Ever the7saint7, imperator_mentus 2020-04-21 Link
Saw Brespems 2020-04-01 Link
JohnJohn Brespems 2020-04-01 Link
When Worlds Collide DarkSquid aka srp11 2020-03-07 Link
John the Altruist totallyarealusername 2020-02-24 Link
A Misfire Zaczac121 2020-02-12 Link
Harem 2: Maria Strikes Back TheOkGatsby 2020-02-09 Link
My Arch Nemesis Applemelon 2020-02-01 Link
Summoning Suprises Vulgrim 2020-01-26 Link
The Fate of Hannah Sterling Narg 2020-01-16 Link
Phantom thieves vs Student council adamsteiner 2020-01-15 Link
Escape the Manor Narg 2019-12-25 Link
Kill the Sleeping Giant TaleSpinner 2019-12-19 Link
JOHN WOKE UP ONE FINE DAY Finn Underwood 2019-12-08 Link
Golden Lining GarySavage 2019-10-27 Link
Ruin Waggleton 2019-10-09 Link
Scenario Scenario TaleSpinner 2019-09-28 Link
The Festival ChoripanKiller 2019-09-22 Link
Playing with the Devil Gweddry 2019-09-22 Link
Carrie the stalker Sato 2019-09-08 Link
Mirror, Mirror TheOkGatsby 2019-08-21 Link
Life carried away Ruuvx 2019-08-16 Link
Osmosis: The Life of a Mistake Westinghouse 2019-07-23 Link
Osmanthus: The Life of a Disaster Westinghouse 2019-07-23 Link
John, interrupted Weebee 2019-07-21 Link
Priestess of Chronos TaleSpinner 2019-07-05 Link
Reliving Robert2975 2019-06-12 Link
Who She's Always Been Narg 2019-06-12 Link
Trying to help VNRT 2019-06-10 Link
Dream Girl CaptainCaption 2019-06-07 Link
Freenemuri Oathbreaker7 2019-06-02 Link
Harem Remastered AmneLeGrand3, Painted, Danielzorleg 2019-06-02 Link
The Coven Sign 2019-04-23 Link
The Heaven We Were Promised Lotus-Eater 2019-04-16 Link
Always Get the Warranty urciocello 2019-03-18 Link
Connie Offshoot kinuyasha2 2019-03-17 Link
The Gift of Switching mbrad 2019-03-17 Link
Participation Claus Ingen, jcjace45 2019-03-17 Link
The Ghost of Jack Mallory Blortle 2019-03-17 Link
Wishful Thinking XBP 2019-03-13 Link
A Merging Quest Hentainatic 2019-03-10 Link
Tales of John the Wizard IoloNight 2019-03-10 Link
The Game aliomri24 2019-03-08 Link
Odds and Ends Vuanaunt 2019-03-06 Link

Asset Packs v4 and v5

Title Author Last Updated Link
Press Switch Character Pack Gordon Grewal 2021-09-03 Link
Thanos Extended Char ThanosSnap 2021-06-27 Link
Extra Characters Narg 2021-06-01 Link
Sei Monmusu Gakuen (Monster Girl Academy) Character Pack Cherry9298 2021-04-10 Link
PaintedMadolche's Monster girl edits and more Painted 2021-04-04 Link
Press Switch Asset Pack PizzaState1023 2021-03-18 Link
Jane's Tutu and Wedding Dress Character Pack JaneDavis 2021-03-14 Link
KawaiiiSwitcher Character Pack KawaiiSwitcher 2021-02-09 Link
Brespack: Assortment of random sprites Brespems 2020-11-16 Link
Nick's Sprite Edits Nickaholic 2020-09-17 Link
Character Pack shika13 2020-08-17 Link
Fusions Lbrary Hentainatic 2020-07-27 Link
ARAP Pack sinwave93 2020-07-07 Link
Male Characters Pack Finn Underwood 2019-12-15 Link
More Backgrounds Finn Underwood 2019-11-06 Link
Monster Girl Sprites Narg 2019-10-12 Link
New Sound Effects for Scenarios Deadly Cabbage 2019-06-17 Link
ZeBeste's Custom Characters ZeBeste 2019-05-01 Link
More Circe Expressions Hentainatic 2019-03-09 Link

Scenarios v3

Title Author Last Updated Link
John's Demonic Fusion samdicosta 2019-03-05 Link
Alternate Reality Alborin 2019-02-13 Link
Terrible mother Alborin 2019-01-25 Link
Here Be Dragons / Working Progress NEW-AGE-Dragon 2019-01-18 Link
Stone to the head GarySavage 2018-12-02 Link
Vacation Swap Testing NEW-AGE-DRAGON 2018-09-26 Link
The hard summer trip LazyBones 2018-09-26 Link
Possession Panties Thalcynnas 2018-09-21 Link
When I Kissed The Teacher TheMartial 2018-09-16 Link
Wandering Kiyoshi ageraldy 2018-09-14 Link
Transformation Party Line D_A_G 2018-09-11 Link
Transformation Party Line 2 D_A_G 2018-09-11 Link
Red Band D_A_G 2018-09-11 Link
Yui Spellbook continuation Applemelon 2018-07-30 Link
Hunting The Witch Hunter Kat-Box 2018-07-05 Link
Shifting Investigations Higante 2018-05-30 Link
Katrina's remote rwannos 2018-05-19 Link
Expect the unexpected... Guedain/C.R.E.A.M. 2018-05-10 Link
Forced Possession noteman 2018-05-08 Link
Forced AmneLeGrand3 2018-05-01 Link
DuelSisterFun Thalcynnas 2018-04-17 Link
Jess New Life Thalcynnas 2018-04-03 Link
Electric Disaster Thalcynnas 2018-04-01 Link
Absorb drago625 2018-03-29 Link
My New Family R0nnyA 2018-03-28 Link
Inheritance drago625 2018-03-17 Link
Unexpected Sandra tonal815 2018-03-11 Link
A Stone From The Backyard k1iler 2018-03-11 Link
Cross the Line simmitar004 2018-03-03 Link
Witches & Warlocks dukejones 2018-02-12 Link
Phantom Detective Kat Blortle 2018-02-02 Link
Spitting Image bricks 2017-11-25 Link
The K-Files bricks 2017-10-21 Link
Reality Twist Kromar 2017-09-10 Link
Carried Away tossaway 2017-09-09 Link
Yui's Intervention Alternate 2017-09-05 Link
My sister's friend. SupD 2017-09-03 Link
Help Me Be Happy JeffCharFlame 2017-08-21 Link
Twisted Minds Bladecutter 2017-08-19 Link
Powers royal422 2017-08-13 Link
Twisted Lives ZeBeste 2017-07-24 Link
Demonic Experience Knightmare49 2017-07-04 Link
Greener Grasses Shanghai cola 2017-06-05 Link
Potions IchigoxTatsuki4life 2017-06-04 Link
The Tale of the Loser Knightmare49 2017-05-28 Link
The Experiment Mack 2017-04-16 Link
Randomizer deathnote9 2017-04-10 Link
John junior, El regreso (Spanish) mrdonferri 2017-04-08 Link
A Preview of Version 3 usa2z 2017-04-01 Link
Body Switchers mbrad 2017-03-24 Link
Gold troubles Xablerot 2017-03-16 Link
Cafe Chaos Supertails 2017-03-11 Link
Sister swap Tgsquirtle 2017-02-18 Link
Alien Jess Path SaionjiH 2017-02-15 Link
John Shortcut ddendejoder (Cleaned up qwertyphar) 2017-02-06 Link
Kiyoshi Gaiden Pegasus 2017-01-27 Link

Asset Packs v3

Title Author Last Updated Link
Girl's Tights Pack xSilas 2018-12-19 Link
Options and Oddities - Character Pack ShiftingSilhouette 2018-06-30 Link


Title Author Last Updated Link
Action Editor for scenarios v7 The7Saint7 2023-01-06 Link
A Sprite Making Guide Pang0lin 2021-03-04 Link
Computer-generated Flow Charts for Scenarios nexoq 2020-11-08 Link
The ST RPG: Tina Koya Quest Painted 2019-07-06 Link